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Thinking inside the box…

I’ve recently rediscovered the world of Instagram…


(Bassenthwaite by @joerileyphoto)

To some this may come as a bit of a surprise. To others who know my neanderthal approach to social media and my hermit-like attitude towards self promotion, it will not.

I have not been a fan of camera phones and filters (until recently) as my style does not lend itself readily to such methods, and I’ve not really been into the square format that Instagram demands you use. So I’ve historically avoided it like the plague!


(Scrooby in the morning rain at Sale Fell. By @joerileyphoto)

This, I’ve found, was not a healthy attitude to have, as it has deprived me of experimenting with my photography, and sharing those experiments should they be successful.

I like that the app makes it really easy to take, edit, caption and tag in a really user friendly way, something I’ve not found before with other social media. I do not want to be limited by characters if I actually DO have something to say for once, and I simply don’t like the interface of others.


(Heart-shaped tree at sunset, back home in Heath. By @joerileyphoto)

The square format that I used to detest has become a challenge that I now relish, and using a combination of different strength filters, I’m finding I can usually get something I like, even if it’s nothing like my usual style!


(#selphy. By @joerileyphoto)

I’m sure part of my rediscovery is down to camera phone and app technology coming along in leaps and bounds since the days when my opinions were so steadfastly formed. In fact, the changes and upgrades in social media as a whole is beginning to force me to eat humble pie too. Long gone are the days when I could sit back and say “it’ll never catch on…” I am trying to embrace it, even if I have to ask the social media wiz-kid of a wife “how do I do that thing again?” or #allthewrongthings @allthewrongtimes

Yours sincerely,

Grandad :p

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