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Major project…Texture

One of the advantages of having a dog is that you have to walk it, which is great because it gets me out the house. I’ll often walk for over an hour a day in the parks and trails around where we live. This weekend we ventured a little further than usual, into the world of Robin Hood. We did see a couple of the King’s deer, but alas no merry men.

Some of the trees in Sherwood forest are many hundreds of years old (including the Major Oak – over 1000 yrs old) and have clearly been witness to a few harsh winters. One trunk in particular caught my eye, and although i only had my camera phone, I just had to capture it.


Same tree, different texture…


… Later on, my wife Debs & I replicated a picture we had taken 8 years earlier in front of the Major Oak. Although Debs looked beautiful as always, I fear the 1000 yr old Major had weathered better than I had!